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Ukraine major cities: population, location.

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  • Population 260,000.
  • 650 km from Kyiv.
  • Situated on the Prut river which flows down from the Carpathians to the Black Sea.
  • The city has a complex history that is still reflected in the downtown architecture with Byzantine, Gothic, Baroque, and Russian influences.


  • Population 1,153,000.
  • 592 km from Kyiv.
  • Founded by Prince H. Potyomkin in 1787 on the site of the village of Polovytsya. He renamed the new city to honor Empress Catherine II.
  • City began growing in the 1870's when a rail line linked it with Kryvy Rih and the Donets Basin.


  • 25 km from Dnipro River mouth.Population 360,000.Founded in 1778 where previously a fort had existed from 1737.Named in honour of Khersones Tavriysky, a city on the southwest bank of Crimea.
  • Originally a city-fortress and shipyard. First ship of the Black Sea Fleet was built here in 1783.


  • Population 800,000+.
  • Founded in the mid-13th century by a Galician-Volynian king who named the city in honor of his son, Lev.
  • A major metropolitan city that is now conveniently serviced by Ukraine's second major international airport.
  • The city and its surrounding areas are rich in history, architecture and art. With its markets, theatres, churches, towers, colleges, university, monuments, circus, parks, libraries, archives, department stores, bookstores, museums and notable Lychakiv and Yanivsky Cemeteries, you'll not want for something to do here! R.J.'s Tours Ltd. tour guides will bus and escort you to the most significant attractions of this vibrant city.


  • 490 km south of Kyiv.
  • Population 1,132,000
  • Third largest city in Ukraine and long a destination for international travellers because of its climate and resort beaches; often referred to as "Little Paris".
  • Seven theatres, plus the world famous "Odesa Opera and Ballet Theatre", a philharmonic orchestra, a circus and much more!
  • Hospitable, bright, cheerful, modern and picturesque. The city was developed most during the reign of Catherine The Great.
  • Southern gateway to the state and one of the largest seaports on t6he Black Sea.


  • Population 300,000.
  • City and regional administrative centre located 321 Km from Kyiv on the Ustya river.
  • Earliest records mention it in 1282 when a battle was fought there between Lithuanian and Polish armies.
  • Despite frequent Tatar raids, it survived and expanded into an important trading town.
  • Occupied by Russian troops in 1660, Polish forces in 1667 and Swedish armies in 1706.
  • Churches, museums, theatres, philharmonic, educational institutes, libraries, archives, parks, sports complexes, banks and department stores.


  • Population 170,000
  • In 1349 the area was occupied by Poland.
  • The nucleus of the present city was a castle, constructed on the ruins of Sopilche in 1540. Sopilche was an ancient Ukrainian fortress which was destroyed during Khan Baty's campaign into the Carpathians.
  • The castle was rebuilt as a palace in the 19th century by Count F. Korytovsky. The fortifications were removed along with the tower and gate. Then an ordinary wall was built around the new palace
  • Churches, monuments, a castle, plus the central man-made lake make this city a beautiful stop for sightseers and photographers


  • Population 125,000.
  • In its early history, the city changed names several times: Ung; Ongvar; Hungvar; Unguyvar; and Ungvar.
  • In 1080 armies of the Polovtsian Khan Kutesko devastated the entire region but were unable to penetrate Uzhhorod's well-built fortress. In the Middle ages, the city was destroyed and rebuilt several times during the wars between the Habsburgs and Transylvanians. Between the 11th-13th centuries it was under Hungarian rule until Bohdan Khmelnytsky's Cossack troops freed the population. Today, the Hungarian government maintains a diplomatic representative in this city.
  • A university, churches, castles, museums, monuments, theatres, and philharmonic orchestra make for some great exploration opportunities.
  • Parks and the University of Uzhhorod Botanical Garden offer a quiet refuge for those who do not want to avail themselves of the shopping, postal and/or banking opportunities.


  • Until 1921 was known as Oleksandrivsk.
  • Population over 800,000.
  • City was founded in 1770 or possibly as early as the late 11th century.
  • Territory was settled in the early Paleolithic period. The earliest remains so far uncovered are located near the village of Fedorivka. Over 100 monuments from the Bronze age have also been excavated.


  • Territory was settled during the Early Paleolithic era. Later, various Slavic tribes including the Zhytychi lived here.
  • City was founded in 884.
  • A possible derivation of the name has been attributed to the Slavic words for "to live in peace".
  • Through the centuries the city was burned to the ground several times, then rebuilt. Khan Baty burned it on his infamous campaign in 1240.

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