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Tom's own mouth felt strangely soft in response, and she sensed her lips being pressed apart by the vision's sweet-tasting tongue, slipping between them into her mouth as the statuesque body came hard against her own, its naked stomach and soft loins beginning an intimate undulating motion. I could feel each movement of the huge fleshy shaft in her hotly clasping cunt walls, the giant head slithering up and down the warm slippery passageway, and hear the sharp slap of my bloated balls against her tiny hairless anus as I lunged forward with each in-stroke. Milt saw her unexpected movement, too, a jealous surge of lust charging through him, but he couldn't refuse Harry the first treat. At the same time, she was aware of the violently increasing assault on her wide-split rectum and the near orgasmic sensations screaming up inside her belly and loins for release. I'll call my parents right now and tell them you've raped me! Please, let's all get down on the floor.

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Milt grinned, patted her on the knee and walked to the portable bar. But he'd always have his doubts about such an arrangement working out. Her inner thighs became drenched with that great tasting wetness. Her young brain whirled frantically! Then, she lay back down again. Christ, if only sister Margaret could see her only angelic child now! The End Read times Rated

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Suddenly, Toni cast all those fears and thoughts away. She was beset with overwhelming, unknown sensations. Boy," he said, scratching his head, "you're as lame as your mother. He climbed down eagerly, half on top of her, his hand smoothing salaciously over her enticing flesh from her hips to her breasts, kneading, cupping, massaging, his mouth finding her hungrily, his tongue exploring the still poignant taste of his own cock there, and adding to his mounting passion. Oh, Lord, what other perversions had they been accomplices to? Perhaps this was already going to be the test of their love for each other.
It seemed to go on forever until, at last, she too sighed and quivered to limp stillness. Buzz that idiot Jeff and have him bring in Samson and put Paps in your bedroom for later tonight," he winked. Her still warmly contracting belly was filled to the point of bursting with the obscene mixture of our hot sticky cum. Of course Jerry knew that she was upset but she was dwelling on it and she had to get in a better mood. I was ready to explode. Slowly my deflated penis slipped out of her cunt. Christ, the young black cunt was revelling in it!

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john219 +2 Points February 21, 2018

Hot fucking tattoed whore!! I love

coppiamassa +0 Points July 20, 2018

Hola Tere, de en que pub de Vigo trabajas, si necesitas tengo un buen salchichon para cenar.

eduardonit +5 Points September 16, 2018

she is yummy.thick pussy.

chnx +2 Points May 31, 2018

she has a HOTT BOD.. such a sultry look when she looks straight at the camera. :-)

mavenceslau +2 Points December 28, 2018

Good get.

kenjr321 +9 Points December 7, 2018

nice move, not even a chat up line

sexdrive69 +6 Points February 8, 2019

Fantastic love this young girl

stephan +2 Points January 9, 2018

Holy shit ... she is hot.

Asif +10 Points January 10, 2018

ok , but what's happend from 2:30 to 3:15 ?

story_guy00 +8 Points April 17, 2018

great double mouth cock sucking (round 8 min on until cummmm)

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