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The neo-Reichian Yugoslav filmmaker Dusan Makaveich showed in his film Mysteries of the Organism that as political repression increases, sexual freedom decreases. Chapter 3 Orgasm Versus Orgasmic The nature of female orgasm is not easily generalized--quite possibly there are as many kinds of orgasm as there are women having them. It fits a general Tantric pattern of defying public mores for the purpose of shocking someone into enlightenment, but I put it more into the category of psycho-therapeutic or medical sexual therapy than subtle body practice. All of these copulations gradually restore the yuanjing, the pre-natal and pre-sexual substance of the adept's original nature xing. Two of the four major Tibetan sects require celibacy, but all four teach methods for sublimating sexual energy into subtle bodies, projected as various deities.
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Whorish teacher Yui Komine seduces students. Yes, this place has got so many horny sluts that your dick will stay erected all the time! Individual self-realization may be insufficient to heal the vastness of this collective wound, which may be the core issue driving the human incarnational process. Satyeswarananda, But the lineage was virtually captured and shifted into the monastic Giri "mountain" order of swamis who were forbidden from having sex, watching theatre, eating meat or any food cooked by a non-initiate. Despite these underlying similarities in their cosmology, the Tantric and Daoist methods of sexual cultivation, both physical and subtle body, are radically different. The idea that pleasure is in sharp contrast with our lifestyle, rhythms, habits and customs is constantly obliterated in our mind.
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A peak orgasm is estimated to last, on a good day, a maximum of ten seconds. Sexual attraction was a very powerful aspect of one's worldly destiny ming. In China this integration could also occur traditionally through close personal supervision by a qualified teacher. This quest has put Daoist and Tantric sexual cultivation practices into a Western cultural cauldron and created positive evolutionary pressure on their traditional methods. No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The trigger activating this release could have been the shift from the sexually repressive culture of India to the free-sex culture of New York.
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The alchemy formulas appear to date back one thousand years to the tenth century teachings of the semi-legendary Daoist Immortal Lu Dong Bin. This social obligation to keep silent about your own 'orgasmic weakness' paves the way to a chain of excessive sexual boasting that leads to perpetuating the sham because as the sea of lies widens, the truth appears more and more unacceptable. Jing is the raw fuel that drives the pulsating rhythm of the body's moment-to-moment cellular division and reproduction of itself. Douglas published Chakra magazine in India and had an indirect but pivotal role in introducing the Beatles to their guru, Maharishi Mahesh. A different female friend, involved in helping Tibetan teachers, confided to me she was under "astral rape" attack for months by a Tibetan Tantric practitioner who became obsessed with her as his consort after she terminated a brief sexual affair. The Serpent Power, an account of his twelve year ordeal with his kundalini current run wild, finally cured by simply eating meat.
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