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For any visitor coming to Kherson Ukraine for the first time money matters are very important. It is essential to know which currency is used in the country you visit, what an exchange rate is and where one can change money at favorable rate. This section of our site provides information on currency in Kherson Ukraine.


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Kherson Ukraine banks services



Banks in Ukraine usually work from 9:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Most banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday. A standard lunch hour is from 1:00 p.m. till 2:00 p.m. There are a lot of bank branches in the city center, so it will be easy to gain access to ATMs, cash travel checks or use other bank services. Among the first-rate banks of Ukraine are Pravex-Bank, PromInvestBank, Privat Bank, Aval Bank and UkrSocBank.
The addresses and phones of Vinnitsa banks are here.

Cash dispensers

Kherson Banks western union, ATM cards, currency exchange Kherson UkraineToday all major cities of Ukraine have a huge network of cash dispensers, or simply ATMs. In Ukraine an ATM will give you money in local currency, that is in hryvnias. In order to withdraw money from ATMs one should know his personal identification number (PIN), which must contain numbers only, as Ukrainian keypads have no letters. One will pay a fee for using ATMs but this fee is considerably lower than that for traveler's checks. When in Kiev, you will find ATMs quite easily. You can withdraw money in any bank of Ukraine as well. Although most ATMs give money in hryvnias, there are a few locations where you can get money both in hryvnias and dollars. The Kreschatik Hotel, located in the very center of Kiev, has a cash dispenser offering money in both currencies.
The Aval Bank of Ukraine has one of the widest networks of ATMs throughout the city. The central part of Kiev is crowded with Automatic Teller Machines, so you should not worry about finding one.
If you want to avoid any risk of becoming a victim of credit card scam, you can go to any bank and withdraw money right there. In this case you will need to pay 6 per cent for the operation.

Credit cards

Kherson Banks western union, ATM cards, currency exchange Kherson UkraineThere are three main credit cards accepted in major restaurants, stores, hotels and other venues. These are Visa, MasterCard and Eurocard. However, note that credit cards are not widely in use in Ukraine and sometimes they will not be accepted (particularly if the matter concerns smaller shops, cafes and remote areas). We recommend that you always have some cash at hand in case your credit card won't be accepted. If you have some local store credit cards, it's better to leave them at home. In case your credit card was stolen, you may immediately call the issuing bank (the bank's number is on the back of your card, so it's better to write this down somewhere else in order you can find the number fast). An emergency credit card can be delivered to you within one or two days, depending upon the bank policy. Finally, it's a good idea to have a different credit card as a backup. With a different card you will have access to more machines. And if you have, for example, AMEX card, take Visa or MasterCard as an alternative, as American Express and Diner are less popular in Ukraine than those ones. In conclusion we must say that Ukraine operates primarily on a cash economy. You should be very careful using your credit card, and it is much recommended not to use it in any shady places.

Traveler's Checks

Kherson Banks western union, ATM cards, currency exchange Kherson Ukraine

Traveler's checks are not widely accepted in Ukraine. It's recommended not to bring them (or bring only as a backup), as a high commission rate and much paperwork are always expected. If you still want to take some traveler's checks on your trip, take Thomas Cook or Visa, which are the most common in Ukraine. To cash traveler's checks you will need a passport and receipt of purchase. We recommend to cash checks in VABank or Oschadbank of Ukraine.

Money transfer

Kherson Banks western union, ATM cards, currency exchange Kherson Ukraine

If you for some reason need to receive or send money while in Ukraine, you can do it quickly with the help of such internationally known companies as Western Union or MoneyGram. These companies have a network of authorized agents throughout the country. Agents' offices are mainly located in the bank buildings. Other options for sending or receiving money while in Ukraine include a wire bank transfer and a postal money order, which are less expensive but take more time.


Local currency

Kherson Banks western union, ATM cards, currency exchange Kherson Ukraine

Ukrainian currency is Hryvnia and its one hundredth part is kopiika. You can see specimens of all banknotes in circulation here.

The Hryvnia is the official currency and all banks, restaurants, disco, etc. and all other normal purchases are conducted in it. If you are paying for something privately, U.S. dollars are the top currency followed by the Euro.

Travelers checks, American Express and Barclays can be cashed in local banks into dollars for 3%. American Express does not have an office in Ukraine to replace lost checks.

ATM cards are widely used and bank machines are frequent, at least in the center. ATM machines dispense the Hryvnia and some even dispense dollars for an additional 3%. Instructions are in Russian, Ukrainian and English.


ATM and Currency Exchange

ATM machines are located near/inside big supermarkets and near every bank office. You can also exchange foreign currency at banks offices. Currency exchange can be done during regular business hours.


Kherson Banks western union, ATM cards, currency exchange Kherson Ukraine

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